By HTP Editorial

NAMEC works in support of the children who are runaway/missing and exploited.”

The National Association for Missing & Exploited Children (NAMEC) is a not‐for‐profit charity organization founded in Oceanside,California in 2017.  It consists of an association of both professionals and volunteers who are dedicated to the prevention, rescue and recovery of child victims of exploitation.  This includes educational initiatives, investigative and rescue operations, legal representation, safe housing and therapy, as well as advocacy for legislative policies that promote the welfare of child victims.
Joseph Travers is president of NAMEC.  He has extensive training and experience in criminal justice, law enforcement, and private investigation.  He is also a renowned author, and is currently serving as a Police Commissioner  in Oceanside, California.  Mr. Travers is Executive Director for Saved In America, an organization of volunteer retired special ops and law enforcement who assist parents in the recovery of lost and trafficked children.
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