By HTP Editorial

The Hidden Tears Project is teaming up with Survivor Alliance on the Virtual Reality film Shades of RED, currently in production.  During the first segment of the project , viewers will have an opportunity to choose among several different stories of sexual assault.  Each story is a true story (read by actors) and constitutes its own visual world.  Survivor Alliance, an organization dedicated to engaging society in the third sexual revolution, will be providing the Hidden Tears Project with a survivor story from its “library,” which will then be woven into the film.

Survivor Alliance, founded in 2016 by survivors Drusilla Cowan and Asehli (uh-SAY-lee) Howe, started as an online resource database to support individuals through their healing journey.  Since then, they have grown into a community of survivors and allies that come together regularly at events to open up the dialogue around sex and teach communication skills to better support each other through our healing journeys.

“A large part of redefining being a survivor of sexual assault is changing the conversation around it. Sexual assault is known globally as a silent epidemic. This is why we’re encouraging members of our communities to raise their voices and share their Survivor Stories. Each of these stories is incredibly different and unique, but all display the immense strength within survivors.”

Survivor Alliance‘s library is an extraordinary platform.  It accepts all forms of media (written, video, audio) and encourages everyone to share their perspective including survivors, allies, loved ones and experts.  Sharing leads to healing, and Dru and Asehli hope that by reshaping and reframing the conversation, we can shift the culture to effectuate very real and much needed social change.

One page of particular note on the website is an excellent and detailed section about how to assess whether or not one identifies as a survivor of sexual assault.  The answer to the question may seem self-evident to some, but that’s not always the case.  Assault can take many forms, ranging from subtle to violent, creating a grey area where it becomes unclear whether the incident was assault or not. What makes this assessment unique is that it does not assume that we all know about–and agree on– what constitutes sexual assault, and as such it provides a base understanding of terms for helpful, grounded discourse on an issue so marked by complex emotionality.

The collaboration between the Hidden Tears Project and Survivor Alliance is a beautiful testament both to the importance of storytelling in forging human connections, and to the power of creating art that depicts voices we can all hear, absorb and embrace as part of OUR collective story.

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