A Message from Henderson Cooper (“Coop”):

The Hidden Tears Project has been working tirelessly to combat and end all forms of trafficking involving children and adults.  Along the way the Project gained a great relationship with the law enforcement community, in particular with the Los Angeles Police Department.  Key to that relationship was the support, training and education from the Lieutenant in Charge of the department’s Human and Sex Trafficking Unit at LAPD, Andre Dawson.

It is with great regret and sorrow that we have learned that Andre passed from this world.  Details are not available, but he had a medical condition that led to his passing.

Andre retired from LAPD after a long and outstanding career.  He was honored by the department for his great service.

Hidden Tears was blessed to have such an honorable and outstanding liaison person in Andre. He was responsible for providing insight, education and information on the law enforcement battle against the horrible crime problem that trafficking has become.

We are all saddened, and we will sorely miss Andre.  Our prayers go out to his family and friends.

The retired LAPD officer’s community is smaller by the huge presence and impact of Andre.



Henderson Cooper