A Message from Equal Means Equal:

SCR 41 (ERA) has been added to the Missouri hearing Docket in the State Senate!

Tuesday – 02/20/2018 at 9 AM.

Missouri State Senate, 201 W Capitol Ave, Jefferson City, MO 65101, Room: Senate Lounge

Committee Hearing Resolution:
Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics Committee

What Do We Do Now? 
Step 1. Keep Calling, Emailing, tweeting, etc…all the Senators telling them to SUPPORT SCR 41!

Step 2.  BE THERE ON TUESDAY! IF YOU POSSIBLY CAN, SHOW UP IN PERSON. Try to get there by 8:00 AM – and Bring Friends!

Call, email, and shout!

Be relentless in letting them know that equality never backs down!  Demand Senator Mike Kehoe (Chair)Mike.Kehoe@senate.mo.gov(573) 751-2076, Senator Ron Richard (Vice Chair)Ronald.Richard@senate.mo.gov(573) 751-2173, Senator Bob DixonBob.Dixon@senate.mo.gov(573) 751-2583and Senator Bill Eigel,Bill.Eigel@senate.mo.gov(573) 751-1141 and do the right thing.

We think this hearing was scheduled so quickly and directly ahead of the 3 day weekend in hopes of flying under the radar so they could kill the bill quietly and without much fuss. Let’s try to make sure they realize what a terrible failure that idea was. A three day weekend makes for overflowing voicemail boxes, email boxes and allows plenty of time for friends to make road trips, right? Please, enlist friends, family, etc… the more pressure, the better. And, remember – The ERA is an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and is therefore a National issue. You don’t have to live in Missouri to take action and make your voice heard and/or body present.

Thank you for all of your efforts and actions! Don’t quit now!

If anything, double down on your efforts throughout today and make every effort to be a presence there tomorrow – in person, via phone, email, and/or social media.

This is a vital moment and this Tuesday is the last chance we have for these resolutions in the State of Missouri. We need both chambers to pass their resolutions for Missouri to become the 37th state to ratify before crossover!

If we can make this happen in Missouri, we will be just one state away from full E.R.A. ratification! 


Special thanks to Storm Onole and RatifyERA.org!

Spread the word on social media using these hashtags: #equalmeansequal #eraWarriors #RatifyERA

With love,

Kamala, Natalie and the entire EME Team


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