Ex US spy and Special Ops agent Henderson Cooper (“Coop”) talks with Podcast host Carmi Bleviss about human trafficking and situational awareness


“Henderson “Coop” Cooper speaks about his vast experience in situational awareness as it pertains to human trafficking awareness that we can apply to our daily lives.

Henderson Cooper, a contributor to his Situational Awareness blog within the Hidden Tears blog, has extensive experience in Law Enforcement, Military Special Operations and U.S. Government Intelligence. He serves on the Board of Advisors and as a consultant for Escape the Wolf, an initiative dedicated to training and security concerns. In addition, Mr. Cooper is president of Cooper Consulting International, which works with public, private and government sectors on matters concerning safety, intelligence and international relations. He is a powerful advocate in the fight against human trafficking and is a volunteer advisor to the Hidden Tears Project on a number of issues, including violence against children and women.”

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