Join Podcast host Carmi Bleviss for a fascinating interview with the director of PHOOLAN, the latest documentary on Kickstarter, about a low-caste girl in India, gang rape survivor, revenge-seeking bandit, parliamentarian: the true story of one woman’s fight for justice & dignity.

Hossein Martin Fazeli a.k.a. Naanaam is an Iranian film director and poet. His films have won 39 international awards, and have been broadcast on networks such as CNN, SBS, ARTE and Canal+. He has shot on location in Iran, UAE, India, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Norway, France, UK, Canada and the USA. In 2008, Fazeli was shortlisted by the prestigious Sundance Institute to take part in the 2008 Sundance International Filmmakers Award. Fazeli has previously worked on media campaigns for organizations such as the UNDP, the European Commission and Nonviolence International on issues concerning minority rights, women’s rights, racism and nonviolent struggle.

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