By HTP Editorial

LA based photographer Matthew Libassi is teaming up with The Hidden Tears Project for his latest print sale.  Through February 2020, Matthew will donate 20% of all proceeds to help support our mission.  Recently we met up with him in his studio for an interview.



What should we know about you?

I am a photographer, living in Los Angeles. I began taking pictures on the street in New York, where I spent the bulk of my 20s. I lived in New Orleans from 2013-2018, and recently moved to LA.




Which photographer do you admire the most and why?

Walker Evans. He got out of the way better than anyone.


Why did you choose The Hidden Tears Project for donating sales proceeds of your photographs?

The Hidden Tears Project mission is very important to me. I was attracted to the idea of using content in a positive way; as an impetus for change. We are overwhelmed by content, but if it is directed in a thoughtful, positive way – as Hidden Tears does – it can open a lot of eyes.




What I most love about your work is the way you portray women.  You capture very personal moments without invading their space and without imposing yourself on them.  How conscious is this choice?  Why does it matter?

I’m not conscious of it. It’s just how I work. I think great work, of any kind, is service to something greater than oneself. Once ego enters the picture, something is lost. Quite often, I look at fashion photographs where the desires of the photographer overwhelm the subject. I find this uninteresting. To observe women in their own space, and capture that without being intrusive, is certainly more difficult. But it’s the only way I know how to work. I’m trying to make beautiful pictures.



What role do you think media has in promoting positive social change?

A very important one. In a content-driven world – be it ephemeral or not – we are exposed to messages everyday. Many are positive, many are negative. There is a big responsibility that comes into play here, and we all must be aware of this.



To purchase Libassi’s prints, click here