Partners / Experts / Tech Consultants

We work with renowned experts in entertainment, gender advocacy, women’s rights and anti-trafficking initiatives. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality media, while staying grounded in the reality of these issues. 

We learn from our experts with the goal of moving the gender equality and anti-trafficking movements forward.

We partner with women’s rights, anti-trafficking, and social impact organizations to reach a wide audience and generate the greatest impact.

Those experts are wide ranging and include:

Anti-Trafficking Experts

Survivors, parents, advocates, law enforcement, intelligence experts from the FBI, CIA, DEA, DHS, Special Forces, Navy Seals, human rights attorneys, anti-trafficking organizations and activists, authors, psychologists, educators and politicians. 

Entertainment Professionals 

Hidden Tears Project has a team of award winning writers, producers, actors, directors, animators, VFX artists, and film festivals from House of Cards, Grey’s Anatomy, Empire, Chicago Fire, Terminator, Back to the Future, Titanic, Ender’s Game, Green Street Hooligans, and more. We create the highest quality entertainment to inspire people to join the most important movement of our generation – saving America’s children from human trafficking, sexual assault and gender inequality.

Lieutenant Andre Dawson – Former Director of Anti-Trafficking Task Force, LAPD/FBI

Henderson Cooper – Former CIA, LAPD

Henry Lozano – Political Consultant

Lourdes Nieto – Chicago Police Officer

Mike Pittaro – Author, Anti Trafficking Specialist

Tina Paulson –

Bazzel Bazz – Former CIA, Executive Director, ARC, Association for the Recovery of Children

Maria Suarez – Surivor, Activist – Maria Suarez Foundation

Greg Kading – Detective

Joseph Travers – Detective

Jack Robertson – Former DEA

Dan Capel – Former Navy Seal

Siddarth Kara – Author

Kim Biddle – Activist – Saving Innocence

Rosanna Arquette – Actress & Activist

Jessy Schram – Actress, Activist

Scott Ross – Former CEO of Digital Domain

Sam Forman – Writer, House of Cards

Nicolas Alcala – Future Lighthouse VR

Gil Junger – Director

Janieka James – Writer, Empire

Jashieka James – Writer, Empire

Elizabeth Finch – Writer, Grey’s Anatomy, True Blood, Vampire Diaries

AnnaLynn McCord – Actress, Activist

Kathy Eldon – Founder, Activist – Creative Visions Foundation

Lauren K. Kaye Cohen – Celebrity Make Up Artist

Deborah Del Prete – Producer, Ender’s Game, Green Street Hooligans, The Wedding Planner

Sarah Hoch – Festival Director, Guanajuato Film Festival

Jeff Gordon – Executive Director, Writers Boot Camp

Molly Gochman – Red Sand Project

Lorna Auerbach – Auerbach Reality

Cozette Vergari – Rotary Club