By HTP Editorial

The Hidden Tears Project, a L.A. based media company that focuses on issues of gender equality and sexual assault, is currently in production for Shades of RED, an extraordinary and innovative Virtual Reality film. The project consists of five 4 minute dance segments, each one using red elements as narrative and thematic expressions to explore assault, the Equal Rights Amendment, LGBTQ rights, equal pay for equal work, and the search for unity. Real survivor stories are interwoven into the project, and viewers have the opportunity to make choices and take action.

Shades of RED is the brainchild of Jordan Marinov, an accomplished choreographer, dancer and filmmaker who co-founded the Hidden Tears Project with film producer and director Jason Gurvitz in 2014.  Their two earlier films, Tanya and Unseen Dances, which focused on sex trafficking, are testaments to the authenticity, passion and talents which they have put in service to advocacy.  Shades of RED marks an exciting expansion in scope both thematically and artistically, and reflects the depth and urgency of gender issues in the current cultural and political climate.  Virtual Reality lends itself particularly well to emotionally complex issues, in its ability to immerse the viewer in the narrative, raise awareness and empathy, and in turn promote positive social change.

The project has already garnered the attention of some top talent. Directed by Jenn Duong and Brett Leonard, the film will feature dancers from the NYC Ballet, including Georgina Pazcoguin, and the expertise of VR consultant John Canning from NBC Universal.   Actors and activists Gloria Allred, Claire Forlani, Rosanna Arquette, Alysia Reiner and Catt Sadler will read actual survivor testimonials provided by Survivor Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to empowering survivors of human trafficking, The Equality Institute, a global initiative which promotes gender equality and works to prevent violence against women and girls, and The Testimony Project, a bilingual, multimedia project which offers survivors of gender-based and sexual violence a chance to share experiences and find support.

On the set of Shades of RED

“We’ve just finished production of the first piece entitled FABRIC and we’ll be gifting each of these VR experiences to human rights orgs we’re partnered with around the world like Equality Now, Global Citizen, Rotary, Women Like Us, My Choices Foundation in India as well as the United Nations
We’re also partnering with Mayor Garcetti’s offices here in LA to incorporate these experiences into their citywide initiatives. “
To learn more about the Hidden Tears Project and Shades of RED,  click here