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This holiday season, please consider joining Driftseed in supporting A Global Marathon for Women’s Empowerment.  Social activist and filmmaker Mallory Brown is “walking a mile in the shoes” of women all over the world, in the hopes of raising awareness about poverty and the obstacles women face in improving the lives of their families and communities.  Each mile she walks is accompanied by a 5 minute documentary film short.

“Sharing these challenges from the eyes of powerful women changes the lens through which we view poverty and the people who live within its grasp. The strength and conviction of the women featured in these films transforms our belief of the limitations of poverty.”


The project is unique in that every story told is an invitation to become involved in very small, specific, yet significant ways.

“One by one, the episodes are published online and shared via social media websites. Viewers are able to donate, in small quantities, to directly support nonprofits that help these women. For Elizabeth’s story, I asked my audience to “sponsor a stove” for $20 via The Adventure Project. The response has been incredible! Collectively, the first five miles have raised over $65,000 (to date of this post) to support these nonprofits. When the series is complete, it will actively support 26 women’s empowerment charities.” 

 Click here to watch Episode 1: Tanzania

Mallory Brown

Support women’s empowerment around the globe by contributing to Mallory’s next three miles!

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Driftseed is proud to support filmmaker Mallory Brown and her 26-part documentary web series. “Don’t judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes,”