Article by El Mexicano Editorial

Translated from Spanish, El Mexicano News:

Tijuana municipal officials rescued minor reported as lost by their relatives in the United States

“Tijuana.- A minor of US origin, identified as lost in San Diego, California, was located by members of the International Liaison Unit of the Municipal Police of Tijuana, who made the process so that she could reunite with her relatives.
During preventive actions, the agents detected a minor on a road of the colony November 20, La Mesa delegation, whom they approached for disturbing people on the public highway, which represents an administrative sanction.

The minor, who said she was called Lealiky “N”, aged 16, who did not show an address in this municipality, and because she was not accompanied by another person, verified her information with other corporations, including authorities of the neighboring country.

The data were verified, and the liaison with the United States indicated that the child was reported as having been lost by her relatives since September 2016 in San Diego, California…”

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