By HTP Editorial

“The clock has run out on sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace. It’s time to do something about it.”

The Weinstein effect and the MeToo campaign have brought the issue of sexual abuse front and center, where–given the scope of response–it clearly needs to be.  Women’s parity in the workplace, civil and reproductive rights, health care and safety have all been under relentless assault during the past year.  For the first time in over a decade, the World Economic Forum reported that the gender gap widened worldwide in 2017.

Sexual assault is both a symptom and a cause of women’s continued inequality and devaluation, and our society will be sick and impoverished to the precise degree that it fails to grasp this simple truth and confront it.  What will it take to make this happen, to move us all forward together to a place of balance and mutual respect, where we all have equal chances at life?

The Time’s Up movement stresses the urgency of now to end sexual harassment and assault. The initiative was created in part as a response to a letter from the Alianza Nacional de Campesinas in which female farmworkers expressed solidarity with Hollywood whistleblowers, sharing their own stories of widespread sexual misconduct across the country.  Time’s Up is a group of actresses, agents, writers, directors and women executives in the entertainment industry who have banded together to offer substantial legal funds, media access and advocacy to all women seeking justice, fairness and safety in the workplace. The decision to wear black to the Golden Globes this awards season is a bold show of solidarity and a chance to draw widespread attention to the issue.

For its part, The Hidden Tears Project, a media company dedicated to raising awareness about sexual abuse, harassment and gender inequality, is gearing up pre-production on SHADES OF RED, a choreographic/music/multi-media exploration and response to the many issues raised by #MeToo and #TimesUp. We deeply believe that art can be both the conduit to understanding and a path to a remedy.

“Every day more and more sexual assault survivors are courageously coming forth to share their stories in the hopes of creating a lasting change in our culture. We are now at a critical time in history when media about sexual assault has the ability to profoundly impact our future.

Shades of Red is partnering with Global Citizen’s Level the Law campaign to change laws that affect women and girls worldwide.

Shades of Red is a celebrity movement film (20 minutes) to be shot traditionally and in Virtual Reality (10 minutes). Both versions will follow celebrities reading testimonials of real survivors and then moving through different shades of red: Water, Fabric, Powder, Light and Animation. The film tells the story of a survivor’s journey from discovery to recovery…

“We are changing the way that Hollywood tells stories about women and women’s rights issues. The films and TV that we produce are not only consciously gender balanced between cast and crew, but we tell stories that reflect these dramatic realities…

—Jordan Marinov, Creator & Choreographer

In mid-January, 2018, The Hidden tears Project is launching a crowdfunding campaign to support Shades of Red the VR experience. Help us transform the conversation about sexual assault worldwide. Time’s up.

We encourage everyone to follow Hidden Tears on Facebook, where there will be updates and information about the crowdfunding effort, as well as a link to where and how you can get involved.