We will finance two short films to shoot in the fall of 2022. 



Must be social impact subject matter and must include DANCE in a meaningful way into the story. 

Social impact storytelling can be defined as a story that addresses a pressing social challenge. 

No music videos or “dance films.” This must be a scripted story in which dance is ONLY an important element of the script.

Dance of any kind, jazz, ballet, hip hop, etc. No animation, no documentaries.

We will partner with non-profits, based on the subject matter of each film, to hold screenings and support their ongoing missions.

SCRIPTS ONLY.  Synopses, outlines and decks will not be reviewed unless the project is selected.


1) No more than 10 pages.

2) No more than 3 main characters.

3) No more than 2-3 easily accessible locations.

4) The shoot will be no more than 2 days.

5) These films will shoot in either Los Angeles or Missoula, Montana.

Submit questions and final scripts to: 

info [at]