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Art Dixie and his business partners founded Hottrax Inc in 2015 “to provide creative and engaging content that is music-centric but not necessarily musically specific.” The company is a “musical one stop shop”, offering a wide range of professional services to some of the top talent in the music and film industries.  In addition, Hottrax Inc is actively involved with a number of charities and social justice projects, and will collaborate with the Hidden Tears Project on Shades of RED the VR Experience.

Q & A with Art

Hottrax Inc seems like such a unique music company.  In your opinion, what makes it special?

Why thank you! HTI is unique.

I like to say that we are the Uber of music…but we are very boutique so i don’t know if that actually fits.

We are similar as we connect content creators, studios/production houses, and recording artists with vetted top notch talent (engineers, producers/songwriters, composers, sound designers, pretty much anything that you can imagine really) that can give their productions the professional polish that they deserve. We also do a bit of content creation ourselves.

How did you become involved with the Hidden Tears Project?

I met Jason and Jordan through my friend Connie Siu (Earnest Pictures , Author of the Kono & Hoyt children’s series).

Connie and I are collaborating on the Get Up Team project and encouraging people to “Don’t be a Sleep Sheep!” and get up and support. She knows that HTI is involved with several charities such as Share-A-Meal, Little Kids Rock and LA Works and she thought that I’d love what Hidden Tears is doing…particularly with Shades of Red. She was right! Jason and Jordan are amazing people and they are innovating the way creativity and artistic expression can aid in the healing process for those faced with traumatic life experiences.

As music composer for the Shades of RED VR Experience, what do you hope your contribution will add to the project?


We want to musically support the power that is already permeating through the brave telling of each survivor’s story. The people telling their stories through the Shades of Red platform are the real heroes. If HTI can add a few goose pimples and integrate emerging sound techniques via the VR experience…well that’s going to be the cherry on top.

What role do you think music might play in processing trauma and in recovering from trauma?

Music heals the soul and the mind. The role of sound and harmony and vibration is a welcome aid while meditating. It soothes babies. And it gets you through the commute home on the 405 here in Los Angeles! lol But honestly, music is powerful and through its ability to underscore emotional states it can be used to help survivors focus and reach deep inside for answers and to assist in healing.

The vast majority of sexual assault victims are female and recently women have taken the lead in the fight against sexual assault with the MeToo and Times Up movements.  How do you think men might best help support women in their efforts?

Evolve. Keep listening. Follow the golden rule.


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